Pellets - pure, natural, environmentally friendly, renewable fuel source. Pellets made from sawdust, shavings and chips, which are dried, milled and compacted.

Briquettes - environmentally friendly solid fuel made of oak, alder or mixed (coniferous and deciduous) wood sawdust, perfectly suitable for all solid fuel boilers and fireplaces.


Firewood - sell large quantities of hardwood firewood.


Sawdust - a clean, natural moisture, without additional impurities sawdust, suitable for the production of biofuels. It is obtained by processing sawmill timber. 82 percent. Our filings are made - from the hardwood.



Wooden chips - clean, natural moisture, peeled and without additional impurities. It is obtained by processing sawmill timber. 80 percent. chips made from hardwood.




Bark - a month to produce the 1000m3 shredded bark.