About us




"VIGIDAS PACK" is a successful family run business, operating over than two decades, which main activity is production of all industrial pallets.

In 1994, we began operations, and the company chose ,,Vigidas" name (an acronym formed from the owners first name and the surname letters). Attention to detail, strict quality control, the desire to improve led the company to expansion.

In 2007, the Company chose a new company name "Vigidas Pack'' which reflected the direct activity: manufacture of all industrial pallets and exports.

We are a reliable partner for anyone who is looking for high-quality products, want timely obligations, warm and professional cooperation. We are winning the trust of hundreds of clients around the world are constantly looking for new opportunities for cooperation.

The company employs over 80 employees. Every year, we invest in the development of production, working conditions and product quality.

During the month, we produce over 98 000pcs EPAL and 30, 000 non-standard pallets, 3,000 m3 blanks pallets.

Our company covers an area of ​​4 hectares of land, and even manufacturing facilities are located in the territory of 4 000 m2.

We have our own transport, so we guarantee our customers deliveries on time. Also, we pick up raw materials from our suppliers ourselves and we are able to provide  transportation services.